Heavy Rains Cause Substantial Flood at Popular Hotel

Double Tree Hotel RestorationThe Damages:

  • All walls and floors suffered severe structural damage
  • Many areas overrun by heavy mud and silt coating
  • Contents of rooms and ballrooms including furniture, carpet and upholstery were completely destroyed

Maxons’ Response:

  • Damage evaluated and restoration strategy defined
  • Detailed project scope and estimated reserve price within 24 hours
  • Over 50 emergency personnel dispatched on the first day
  • Over 100 Maxons employees dispatched with the subsequent phases
  • Large portable generators provided emergency power to the building
  • Excess water extracted from floors, carpeting and upholstery
  • Over 900 yards of unsalvageable items and debris removed from over 30 rooms
  • Over 8 feet of water pumped from 3,000 square foot basement mechanical room
  • Structural drying of all affected areas

In Tarrytown, NY, heavy rains caused a drainage creek to overflow and flood the parking lot of the Double Tree Hotel. The massive flooding caused water to pour into the hotel’s basement, ballroom and hallways. Water in some areas reached as high as 8 feet.

We immediately dispatched our Project Management Team to the site responding to the emergency situation and helped bring the hotel back from the disaster.

“When the Double Tree Hotel suffered the extensive water damage, the first call I thought to make was MAXONS. The relationship I have with you has never disappointed. I knew that your team would be there fast and get the job done. When I saw the damage before and the miraculous work you did to transform it into the hotel I remembered, I was so pleased. Many thanks to you and your team for yet another job well done.”
Michael J. Tevan
Executive General Adjuster