Mysterious Fire Strikes Landmark Church

landmark 5th avenue church restorationDamages

  • All interior surfaces, fixtures and furnishings coated with soot residue
  • Church sanctuary, chapel & administrative offices affected by acrid smoke odor
  • Valuable vestments, rugs, pew cushions and kneelers discolored by soot
  • Offices, furniture, classrooms and school supplies smoke-damaged
  • Religious volumes and prayer books damaged by smoke and water
  • HVAC systems contaminated by soot and smoke odor

Maxons’ Response

  • All interior surfaces, fixtures and furnishings chem-sponged and hand-cleaned
  • Atmosphere deodorized with thermo-fogging & ozone treatment
  • All fabrics and upholstered items hand-spotted and dry-cleaned
  • Text & prayer books sorted, individually hand-cleaned and deodorized
  • HVAC systems hand-brushed, power-cleaned and deodorized

When a 3:00am fire broke out in a 100-year-old pipe organ at this landmark Fifth Avenue church, nobody could explain how the fire had begun. Despite the mystery surrounding the fire’s origin, the damage it had caused was obvious to everyone. Thick, black smoke and soot had billowed throughout the entire church, affecting its 90-ft. cathedral ceilings, stained glass windows and adjacent elementary school.

Maxons was selected by the church among several national restoration companies, due to our extensive background in the handling of property damage restoration projects in landmark properties. With a little help from the local parishioners, our skilled team of restoration technicians began the massive cleaning project that was required. Within a few days, the school was reopened and the chapel was completely prepared for scheduled wedding services.

“We have been delighted with the work your crew has provided.”
Reverend High Hildesley