Restoration Education Courses

Restoration Affiliates (RA) is committed to educating business professionals by providing informative and instructive restoration courses, seminars and restoration certification opportunities. With four certified restoration specialists on staff, we are dedicated to making sure our customers receive the information they need to stay up to date on the latest restoration industry trends, innovations, equipment and more.

Continuing Education (CE)

RA offers in-house restoration courses for our customers in a range of industries. We currently offer restoration certification credits for building engineers, insurance and real estate/property management professionals. Off-site CE and educational seminars are also available for all customers. Contact us for a full list of CE courses.

Lunch and Learns

Want to tailor a presentation to coincide with your company’s unique training initiatives? Plan a date for our experts to bring in lunch for your team while providing relevant industry information and essential resources to help ensure the safety, well being and longevity of your facility. Contact us to plan a lunch and learn at your site.


Independent of our CE courses, RA has developed a series of professional workshops on timely topics related to restoration, environmental issues, insurance claims and more. Our educational seminars can help you strengthen your workplace skills to increase your value as an indispensable member of your business team. Featured seminars include:

Water Damage 101
Lower your loss costs and improve the service you provide to your clients with a training program designed to educate you and your staff about loss mitigation, or how to reduce the size of water-related property losses. In this course, you will learn about:

      • The effects of water damage on property
      • What steps to take to minimize water damage and property loss
      • The role of a water mitigation specialist in a loss scenario

Take Control of Mold
Mold contamination continues to receive increased attention in the media and is a rapidly growing concern for homeowners and property managers, as well as insurance companies. Without proper mitigation of a water loss, mold can start to grow in as little as 48 hours, contributing to building-related illness and poor indoor air quality. In this course, you will learn about:

      • Mold containment and remediation processes
      • The principle of negative air pressure
      • How to protect yourself from mold exposure
      • The role of a mold remediation specialist in a loss scenario

Smoke and Odor Damage Mitigation
In addition to smoke, the chemical vapors and acid gases produced by a fire can cause significant damage to a building’s contents if left untreated, even for a short time. Therefore, understanding the chemistry of fire and the effects of smoke on various structural building components and household contents is critical in mitigating the damage from a fire disaster. In this course, you will learn about:

      • Which items in a property are at risk for smoke and odor damage
      • How emergency corrosion mitigation can prevent or minimize further damage
      • Odor mitigation methods such as ozone and air cleaning

Trauma, Vandalism and Crime Scene Cleanup

Many families face a disaster cleanup on their own, often because they are unaware of the services that trauma practitioners perform. Consequently, when a self-cleanup occurs, it is often handled badly or illegally. This course provides valuable background about the role of the trauma restoration industry, responsible cleanup practices and the environmental impacts of improper cleanup.

Disaster Preparedness Training

Your employees and coworkers are your business’s most important and valuable asset. Helping your staff be prepared for when disaster strikes, whether they are at home or at work, is good business for everyone. This one-hour disaster preparedness course provides actionable tips, advice and information for your staff to ensure they can make the best decisions in any disaster scenario.

Webinars and Virtual Classrooms

All of our non-CE restoration courses are also available in online formats.

Don’t see the topic you are looking for? Let us know, and we can build a custom educational session for you.